Cajual / Relief Records gang

one of the dopest labels ever

(Source: halvtrak)

St Thomas - Romochalumo

Slowhouse 003 - B1 (2008)

Reese - Just Want Another Chance

Trevor Deep Jr - Keep On!

Aaron Carl - My House (Dennis Ferrer Mix)

Kleeer - Tonight

Sound Stream - Let’s break (2009)

G4 - Who Loves You (2013) Tapecast #7 - on the mix: Peer Du - Deep & Garage House

Have a good time, one hour of slamin house & funk tunes!

De Sluwe Vos - Re-flexion (Pura Music)
Mitchell C - Take me higher (In The Air)
Manuel Keyz - Violet source (Vibes & Pepper)
Detroit Swindle - Brotherman (Freerange)
Rick Wade - Harsh Thoughts (Harmonie Park)
Andre Wade - Bend Over (Chicago Style)
Mathias Vogt - Höfats (Komplex de deep)
Hidden Agenda Story Of My Life (Tribal)
Mental Instrum - Bott-ee Rider (Easy Street)
Dog House - Your Mama’s on Crack Rock (JR Records)
4 To The Bar - Slam Me Baby! (Going All Out)
Change - Don’t Wait Another Night (Atlantic)
Masurrati - Super Duper (Lioness)
O’Jays - Put Our Heads Together (Philadelphia International)
Luther Vandross Never Too Much (Epic)
Homework - Whipped Cream (Exploited)
Peer Du Between The 2 Of Us (DTape)

mp3 download:

Basic Channel - Q1.1/III

1993 Techno made in the capital of germany

Claudia Lovisa - Nightrider

Out on Supernature, sexy as fk


 Daniel Solar - Stringray

One of this 3 AM kind of tunes  (Buy)

Dj Bone - One more tune

Can you imagine a better closing track for your mix? Well i can’t after i heard this tune. Well maybe its a tiny tad more suitable for afterhours, but eff it - i got so tripped away on many occasions after hearing this tune. Literally, Boned away.

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